Things I Didn’t Know When I Started This Blog…

laundry pileWere you expecting a “laundry list”? 🙂

To be honest, the things I still don’t know about blogging, or social media, or WordPress, or the internet at large are too numerous to count, and to some degree, remain a source of embarrassment.  While I’ve admitted to being a techno-dinosaur all along, I’m a reasonably intelligent woman and had hoped by now that more of it would be familiar and easier to manage, especially since I’m using the technology regularly.  In all of this, I also realize I owe a debt of gratitude to you who faithfully read this, and to the growing number of new followers who have somehow found me and graciously “liked” what I have to offer–despite my obvious ignorance in maneuvering about in the bloggers’-sphere. .I so look forward to learning from each of you!!

I think the biggest surprise for me however, has been in the nature of the content I’ve published.  A year and 1/2 ago when I decided to jump in to this vast global arena and attempt to be more intentional about developing my voice, I imagined I’d write little humorous anecdotes about life as a 40-something mom in the suburbs of Seattle– a salute to Erma Bombeck, if you will.   God had different plans, however.  So, instead of recounting a bunch of “random thoughts percolating in my mind” as my About page suggests, I’m drawn to write about the things I’m learning in my faith journey, and to encourage others through life’s difficult circumstances.  The stories of shopping carts with squeaky wheels, my son’s offbeat science experiments, or the increasing number of jiggly places on my body that come with age will simply have to wait. 🙂

Truly, I NEVER expected to reveal much of my personal challenges in such a public forum, and I certainly didn’t enter into this thinking I would be sharing so much about my relationship with God.  Silly me.  The thing is, in person, I get so excited when I’m talking to people, I can’t NOT talk about what I’m learning, or about how God loves us and has made each one of us uniquely for a special purpose.  I’m all about sharing what I see in others– their strengths and their talents, and their beauty. Why did I think this format would be any different?

I know talking about God so regularly can be a huge turn-off for people, and while I certainly hope not to offend anyone, I’m offering no apologies.  Clearly though, our Heavenly Father knew far more than I what kind of blog I would be writing when He inspired the appropriately named title, “Running to the Deep”.

There are so many things I still don’t know, of course, but I can say with all sincerity, I have been so blessed by this journey.  I look forward to growing, to sitting at the feet of the One who loves me anyway, and to sharing what I learn with everyone He puts in my path.  Oh, and I guess it’s time to update my About Page!!


Finding My Sea Legs…

This whole blog thing opens up a world of possibilities… (I’ve frequently found my mind percolating over lots of seemingly unconnected factoids and musings, but  CONVINCED they are somehow related and rich with meaning)

But, and as I’m fond of saying, this is a BIG but, I have to admit it also opens a world of challenges…

Can this techno-dinosaur figure out how all of these buttons and clicky-links work? Did I choose this template, for example?  And I’m clueless about “meta” in the sidebar or how to customize anything. (and BTW, What exactly is a widget?)

Challenge 2: Can I actually, consistently shape my thoughts into words and phrases that can not only be understood, but may actually inspire or encourage, or uplift others?  Let’s face it; she never has paid too much attention to regular grammatical rules, preferring instead to write how she speaks 🙂

And perhaps the biggest challenge of all… getting over the old baggage COMPLETELY and forever, you know, the “What will people think if they really knew me?”  Of course, this is assuming anyone will even want to read this.  (For those of you slogging through this first entry– Thank you so much for blessing me with your kindness, and I promise I’ll get better at it!!!)…well, at least I’ll try…

Anyway, I’m excited and I’ve got some trepidation, and I guess that’s how it should be.  Thanks for “Listening”, hope you’ll check in from time to time to see what’s new.  I’ll be back again soon with a real post– That is, if I can figure out how to publish this one!!!