Turning a Corner

Birthday CakeThought I’d add a little birthday cake to this post in celebration of “Running to the Deep’s” 2 year anniversary. (This one was from my older son’s 2nd Birthday– many years ago )

It’s interesting what happens with time… When you’re young it moves SO slowly, and you can’t imagine ever being old enough to drive, or independent enough to make your own way in the world…

And then of course we get older and we want to slow down time– stretch it out, because life just goes by so fast!! Now, I’m really not here to talk about time today, so I won’t keep hammering on it except to say, we sure do notice time’s passing as we turn corners and enter new seasons. (My little “Cookie Monster” is shipping out to serve our country next month!)

When I started this blog, I really had no idea where I was going– I just had such an urgency to grow, and to learn, and to share what I was learning with any who would choose to read it.  Today I’m so grateful for followers and friends who have commented, “liked”, and encouraged me!  It has been an amazing season…9780615981925-Perfect.indd

I’m really thrilled to announce the completion and publication of my workbook, “Going Deeper- Building an Intimate Walk with the Spirit of God”.  You might recognize the cover picture 🙂 .  The book is based largely on my own faith journey as recorded here in “Running to the Deep”.  It also offers lots of reflection questions, some devotionals, places to ponder and record YOUR thoughts, and some fun surprises. (It’s available at drawingwater.org on the Products page, and at Amazon.) More significantly for me, the workbook represents the culmination of my calling in this particular season.  I think at any given time throughout our lives we have a specific area, or focus for growth. We may be Going In– working on healing, recovery, or just getting to know our true selves better.  We may be Going Deep– This was my recent experience– growing intimate with God and discovering more about His purposes for my life.  We may be Going Out– being more intentional about living out that purpose– sharing God’s love with the people in our own circles of influence. If we listen, and are obedient–willing to show up–we gain valuable insights and are then ready to move on.  Does that mean we’ve learned all there is to learn in that area?  Of course not!  But we’ve tasted it, experienced something meaningful, and the next time we are asked to move into that focused area– we will begin at a more profound level.

mirrored candleAnd so, once more I find myself turning a corner…

God has placed a new urgency on my heart to be even bolder, to share more frequently, to show up as I am–while pointing to the Hope I have that allows me to stand in the face of my broken, messy, weakness. My prayer continues to be that I might love others the way my Abba does. Interestingly, He has generously given me some new platforms with which to do just that.  While I won’t take up even more of your time here by going into all of the details, I do want you to know about my new blog, “Spark. Twinkle. Shine!”  (This is me, Going OUT) With a little light and a lot of Hope.  I needed a new place to try a variety of things– Some posts may go more in depth as I tried to do here (while staying around 500 words), many will be shorter– to obediently share more frequently.  Some may just be a picture or a quote to encourage…  Maybe I’ll even take the risk of sharing a few of the unusual dreams God has given me…  However, one thing I know for sure– between this new calling and a commitment to write for a weekly radio program, More than likely I will not continue adding posts here.  I THANK YOU for reading, and I INVITE you all to join me at sparktwinkleshine.wordpress.com for this next chapter!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Until Then– Happy Travels!  Wishing you all the desires of your heart!