Another Man’s Treasure…

It’s the annual neighborhood Garage Sale today and I am having such a blast, people watching!  With 35 homes participating, everybody’s here: the hard core extreme weekend warriors who’ve already mapped out their route and are zipping in and out of our cul de sacs as quickly as they can, the moms pushing strollers with an endless supply of goldfish crackers to keep the little ones content, the looky-loos who maneuver slowly down the streets, avoiding pedestrians while trying to see if the offerings are worthy of finding a place to park…  Now I will freely admit up front, I don’t get the attraction, but I do admire those who have found their calling and pursue their special skills with everything they’ve got. (Even if it’s the “sport” of garage sales treasure hunting :-))

Oh sure, every once in awhile you hear on the news about someone discovering a piece of art, or something of real value at these things, but honestly, aren’t the finds mostly the “gently worn” baby clothes, the old patio furniture, some CD’s or video games, or maybe assorted pieces of Grandma’s costume jewelry? Today at the top of my street, one of my neighbors posted a sign, “Tools- Man Sale”  and that’s been drawing in even bigger crowds.  It turns out, men enjoy these things too, and males– 20-something to 70+ have been coming in steadily– two of them driving a “rubbish and waste” company truck!  Yet like at all such events I’ve seen, very few people are actually walking away with merchandise.  So I wonder, is this sport actually about the search more than the treasure itself?  Why else would so many devote a full day to this activity?  (Not to mention friends in another sunnier climate that do this just about every weekend through the summer!!)

I also think about the stories of why things are put up for sale… the clarinet marking the end of junior’s musical career, the treadmill that became nothing more than a towel rack when a goal to exercise became a guilty reminder instead of a healthy habit, the dog crate left over from the loss of a beloved pet, or even more sadly, some “prized possession” of a hubby being sold for pennies by his wife during a nasty divorce.

And still they come– in two’s and three’s, & whole families with kids on scooters and dogs on leashes, making a day of it on this cloudy, sunny, spritzing day (it is the Pacific Northwest afterall).  Hey! Someone has even just chosen to block my driveway with his stationwagon.  Glad I don’t have to go anywhere at the moment!!!

Well, to all of you Garage Sale Fans out there, Have fun!  As for me, when I’m looking for a deal on a coatrack or to fill in my china pattern, I’ll check out Ebay. 🙂