Woven and Spun


There’s a saying that friendships are for a reason, for a season, or for life.  What really matters is that they’re gifts to be treasured– friends provide us with opportunities to grow & love, and give something back. Today’s post is dedicated to the funny, bright, talented, caring group of women who entered my life approximately seven years ago during a beginning knitting class, and about how our friendship and our lives have been woven together ever since~

After two 4-week sessions at Ben Franklin’s (arts and crafts store), the Knitting Queens was born, and what a wonderfully unique group of women it is!  We decided to meet once a month at one another’s homes to knit (and snack and talk!!)  I’ll never forget the first time I hosted.  My husband couldn’t believe I was making nachos, and he was really concerned about the cracks we have on our walkway leading to the front porch.  I didn’t find out until later it was because with a group formed around knitting, he thought four “blue-haired old ladies” were coming over!!   LOL!! The Girls are anything BUT blue-haired old ladies…

In the beginning we actually spent a lot of time on our projects… gradually improving our skills and congratulating each other when each new scarf or hat or baby blanket was finished.  One of our members knew how to “tink”– the term we used for backing us out of mistakes and rescuing the hopelessly lost.  Today she is a fabulous knitting artist and we’re trying to get her to enter something in the state fair :-).  Another member also continues to knit regularly, and she has generously regularly donated her beautiful treasures for the women in shelters I visit. Occasionally I’ll bring out the latest afghan I’m making (mistakes and all), but I never finish much more than a row when we meet; I lose my concentration 🙂 As it turns out, the knitting was just the catalyst God used to bring us together.  Over time we’ve come to know each other and to care about each other’s lives, & today  we have SO much more to share than yarn!!

We still meet nearly every month– over a meal, baking cookies, for a game night with the guys in our lives, and the “Queens” have even come to support my performances!  Our group is a place of laughter and honesty, friendship, safety, respect, and support.  Stories of kids’ victories and challenges, tales of travel adventures, workplace woes, and encouraging one another regarding caring for older parents- it’s all part of the mix.  Politics, religion, and how hot Johnny Depp was in “Au Chocolat”– (oh yes, he was!!) We never realized we needed each other, but we all agree our meeting was no accident.

Never would we have known each other any other way–honestly our paths simply don’t cross naturally.  But these women of the Knitting Queens–who could be poetically described with a variety of colors and textures– are like a beautiful tapestry that tells the story of our friendship.  (And I double-dog dare you to “yarn bomb” me for that cliched analogy!!)

One last thing before I go: If you are ever fortunate enough to receive a hand-knitted gift, (even if it’s ugly and stretched funny and unraveling at the edges) know this~ you are much loved!