Turning a Corner

Birthday CakeThought I’d add a little birthday cake to this post in celebration of “Running to the Deep’s” 2 year anniversary. (This one was from my older son’s 2nd Birthday– many years ago )

It’s interesting what happens with time… When you’re young it moves SO slowly, and you can’t imagine ever being old enough to drive, or independent enough to make your own way in the world…

And then of course we get older and we want to slow down time– stretch it out, because life just goes by so fast!! Now, I’m really not here to talk about time today, so I won’t keep hammering on it except to say, we sure do notice time’s passing as we turn corners and enter new seasons. (My little “Cookie Monster” is shipping out to serve our country next month!)

When I started this blog, I really had no idea where I was going– I just had such an urgency to grow, and to learn, and to share what I was learning with any who would choose to read it.  Today I’m so grateful for followers and friends who have commented, “liked”, and encouraged me!  It has been an amazing season…9780615981925-Perfect.indd

I’m really thrilled to announce the completion and publication of my workbook, “Going Deeper- Building an Intimate Walk with the Spirit of God”.  You might recognize the cover picture 🙂 .  The book is based largely on my own faith journey as recorded here in “Running to the Deep”.  It also offers lots of reflection questions, some devotionals, places to ponder and record YOUR thoughts, and some fun surprises. (It’s available at drawingwater.org on the Products page, and at Amazon.) More significantly for me, the workbook represents the culmination of my calling in this particular season.  I think at any given time throughout our lives we have a specific area, or focus for growth. We may be Going In– working on healing, recovery, or just getting to know our true selves better.  We may be Going Deep– This was my recent experience– growing intimate with God and discovering more about His purposes for my life.  We may be Going Out– being more intentional about living out that purpose– sharing God’s love with the people in our own circles of influence. If we listen, and are obedient–willing to show up–we gain valuable insights and are then ready to move on.  Does that mean we’ve learned all there is to learn in that area?  Of course not!  But we’ve tasted it, experienced something meaningful, and the next time we are asked to move into that focused area– we will begin at a more profound level.

mirrored candleAnd so, once more I find myself turning a corner…

God has placed a new urgency on my heart to be even bolder, to share more frequently, to show up as I am–while pointing to the Hope I have that allows me to stand in the face of my broken, messy, weakness. My prayer continues to be that I might love others the way my Abba does. Interestingly, He has generously given me some new platforms with which to do just that.  While I won’t take up even more of your time here by going into all of the details, I do want you to know about my new blog, “Spark. Twinkle. Shine!”  (This is me, Going OUT) With a little light and a lot of Hope.  I needed a new place to try a variety of things– Some posts may go more in depth as I tried to do here (while staying around 500 words), many will be shorter– to obediently share more frequently.  Some may just be a picture or a quote to encourage…  Maybe I’ll even take the risk of sharing a few of the unusual dreams God has given me…  However, one thing I know for sure– between this new calling and a commitment to write for a weekly radio program, More than likely I will not continue adding posts here.  I THANK YOU for reading, and I INVITE you all to join me at sparktwinkleshine.wordpress.com for this next chapter!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Until Then– Happy Travels!  Wishing you all the desires of your heart!





What are You Hoping for?

Blessing BouquetsThis photo makes me smile…  They’re called “Blessing Bouquets” and were designed by my talented friend Rachel at balloonsplendor.com.  My friend Lesley would have loved them!!  Last week we celebrated Lesley’s joyful, colorful, TOO BRIEF life at her memorial service, and I’ve been thinking a lot about the nature of HOPE ever since.

See, Lesley had a huge heart for people and I don’t think she ever met a stranger that didn’t become an instant friend.  She was one of those people who simply radiated God’s love through her actions–giving, helping, caring for (and yes– in her alter ego as a clown, Lady Jellybean–bringing joy to children).  We remembered Lesley by wearing cheerful colored clothing and filling the church with balloons.  While there were certainly tears shed for the loss of this beautiful wife/mother/sister/friend/co-worker at her service, there was also much laughter, comfort in community, and the life-affirming certainty that Lesley is joyfully celebrating at her Savior’s side in heaven.

Have YOU been to the funeral of a faithful follower of Jesus?  It’s a completely different experience than when you attend the final services for someone without faith. Mourning– without the assurance of heaven– is incredibly hard on the human spirit. We weren’t created to die, but to live eternally.  Whether a memorial is characterized by mourning or celebration has everything to do with our understanding of HOPE.

Our culture tends to interchange the word HOPE with words like “want” or “wish”– and that can get pretty confusing when we’re talking about the reality of an afterlife.  Think about it: Are you “hoping” for a tasty meal, a better body, a new job, and a good marriage?  Do you “hope” for an end to world hunger?  Does your idea of Hope extend beyond our earthly existence?  Do you believe that this positive desire WILL actually happen or come true?

God’s Word tells us that Hope is about things unseen, but that we can expect with assurance.  So when a Christian says, they have a Hope in heaven, this isn’t wishful thinking– it’s the eternal perspective that helps them persevere through life even in the midst of suffering and tragedy.  Significantly, Hope doesn’t grow like faith– it simply is or isn’t present.  This is why depression (hopelessness) can be so devastating and dangerous.

If your hope is rooted in a person,or in possessions, or in your position/power, what are you left with, if and when things don’t turn out the way you expect?  What if by the world’s standards you don’t finish whatever it is you think you were put here for? What if the unthinkable happens and your life is cut short?  It’s not just a question of what you leave behind, but of where you are heading!

Another memory came to mind this week as I was thinking about all of this:  When I was in kindergarten I won 5th place in a community-wide art contest.  Because of the prize, it’s the only painting I remember.  It’s subject?  A girl holding bunches of helium balloons in each hand. (Once again I am blown away by the way God weaves the smallest things into the bigger story!) For I know the plans I have for you– the plans to give you Hope and a future…

New Year – New Word – New Surprises

PerseveranceI Love my Abba!  I love that He stands by– even when I’m disconnected (see last post)– ready to jump in with new teaching and direction!  I love that He has plans for me for the New Year and beyond! (Jer 29:11)

In the last few years, instead of making New Year’s resolutions based on my own agenda, I’ve asked for God’s overall theme or Word for me to help focus my year.  Those of you who have been reading awhile will know that much of my learning/sharing in 2013 circled around the idea of “Abundance”.   A couple of weeks ago I had a very strong impression that my new Word would be “Perseverance”.  UGGHH. To be honest, this was not something I wanted to hear; wouldn’t that mean I would be in for a year of struggles and trials? Maybe, this was just my own thinking– influenced by my lingering cough and fatigue, right?  Nope.  Several confirmations later showed me this was indeed God’s design for the next stage of my spiritual growth.  But here’s the thing: with Abba at the center, there was no need for me to be concerned… (funny how our imaginations can run wild 🙂 )

On Dec. 30th, as I began an early exploration of scripture that related to “Perseverance”,  God gave me a second Word for the year– “Hope”.  Of course!  In the same way I came to understand the unmistakable link between “Freedom” and “Peace” a few years back, this next year will provide a much deeper understanding of the intermarriage of “Perseverance” and “Hope”.  In fact, it may sound silly, but my hopes  have been raised already.  I learned so many unexpected spiritual and practical lessons having to do with “Abundance”, and I can already see the same will be no less true for this new focus.

On the first day of 2014, I turned to God in my quiet time, expecting to dig in to scripture and begin a Word study, but He had a different lesson.  While I visualized the three persons of the trinity, the Holy Spirit showed me a picture of the true state of my heart, and a couple of areas in which I had hidden and harbored old unhealthy feelings, even from myself.  With time in prayer and repentance I was reminded of a very important element of all of the training to come:  We can’t truly persevere, or move forward in our development, until we deal with old hurts.  Wow…

I started working on these areas and then two nights ago, I was given an elaborate dream that the Lord knew I would instantly recognize.  In it, I was blessed beyond measure with not only a huge, estate home, but the previous owner left us expensive art work, a pantry full of food, and the latest high-end appliances!  I was teary-eyed with gratitude and then almost as suddenly, anxious about how much there was to manage.  Here was a new realization I didn’t see coming: Perseverance, for me, could be linked to trials of abundance, of being overwhelmed by too much– not just by the more anticipated negative circumstances.  It was like when I learned I could limit God’s abundance by my own predisposition towards lack!!  If I could be overwhelmed by God’s blessing, then I’m not trusting Him enough!  Double wow…

This is going to be quite a year! One thing I know for sure, after a time of exploring the deeper things of God’s “Perseverance” and “Hope”, I’ll never be the same. 🙂 Do you have a Word for 2014?

I See You

invisibleYesterday I blew it.  I saw a familiar looking woman in the grocery store who  passed by me at least four times in different aisles, and did I say “hello” or acknowledge her?  No.  What would it have cost me to take the risk and attempt to start a conversation– a little of my time? perhaps a little embarrassment?   Maybe the more important question is– what did it cost me to play it “safe” and keep quiet?

You may remember my heart prayer for our recent trip to Europe– that I would have opportunities to meet real people in authentic, non-touristy situations. Well, God answered this request again and again.  On planes and trains, in cafe’s, shops, and  museums, I enjoyed several wonderful conversations with regular people about their daily lives– their hopes and their challenges.  Though we often had to work to understand each other given the language barriers, I found people were genuinely appreciative of my efforts to get to know them.  Whether talking about traditions with a gondolier whose father, grandfather, and great grandfather were also all gondoliers, or talking to a waitress about the economy and listening to her struggles finding work in her field, or talking to an octogenarian Parisian gentleman about how his city has changed, and what has remained the same– each one graciously shared their story with the interested American woman who really saw them and affirmed their experience.  Starting the conversations was awkward for me, but as it turned out, these people wanted to be known as much as I wanted to know them! I’ve thought about this quite a bit ever since; why don’t we make this kind of effort with the people we come in contact with at home in our daily lives?  What if this gift of listening to one another and validating each other is why we’re here?

Magic MirrorI know I’m dating myself here, but do you remember Romper Room? Each day Miss Nancy would look in her magic mirror and “see” all of the children watching this television show from home.  “I see Billy, and Amy, and Susan, and Tommy…”  Each day she would call out who she “saw” by name, and every day I’d watch to see if she saw me.

We instinctively know the importance of validating babies–Think about it, when was the last time you saw a parent with a stroller who didn’t have at least one stranger making a fuss over the little one in an effort to get the baby to smile back at him or her?  However, somewhere along the way as time marches on, we let our fellow human beings become invisible. Self-involved with our own problems,  days… weeks… even months can go by (especially for the single person) without hearing a single encouraging word directed at them.  And let’s be real: “Liking” someone’s status on FaceBook isn’t the same thing as offering love and support!

It doesn’t take much to make someone feel invisible and unimportant.  Ever talk on your cell phone while checking out at the grocery store? Ever discount or ignore the people who actually make your lattes, groom your dog, or have been waiting in line ahead of you at the DOL?  There are plenty of “me first”, entitled people out there in our world today, but how many of you will choose to practice — “No, you first.  I see you and you matter.”?  Simple acts of listening to others, of validating their existence could be the most important thing we’re ever called to do.  After all, to be known is to be LOVED.  Isn’t that worth the risk?

Somebody, Pinch Me!

GOD GIVES US THE DESIRES OF OUR HEART (Ps 37:4)– even when our dreams are extravagant, and even when we don’t deserve them…In fact, not only does our Father want us to enjoy the gifts of answered dreams, but He goes further– fulfilling them beyond our wildest imagination. 🙂 The interesting thing of course, is that we can get so conditioned by problems and failures, so used to disappointment and sorrow, that we stop believing the good times will be coming for us too.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve just returned from three incredible weeks in Europe and I can only begin to tell you of the ways God met and surpassed this lifelong desire to travel!   Highlights include a romantic gondola ride on a warm moonlit night in Venice, taking a cooking class in Florence, standing inches away from the greatest art in history, & exploring the ruins of ancient Rome and the specialty markets and cafes in Paris.  Here I was, actually experiencing things I’d only read about or seen in movies, and then it got even better!  In His infinite goodness, God knows what makes my heart sing, and wouldn’t you know He would arrange for a variety of divine appointments– opportunities to really talk with people and learn about their lives! (But this will be a subject for another day :-))

Our vacation will be remembered as one of my great milestones– one of those life-altering events that forever changes the way I view the world. However, while stories which refer to some of these adventures will undoubtedly continue,  I don’t foresee this blog ever becoming about travel.  Whether in France, Italy, or home in the Pacific Northwest, I remain drawn to the same kinds of themes and lessons about life itself.  I’m fascinated by the unique qualities of individuals AND by the commonalities we all share.  And I celebrate finding God at the center of all of it!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe first of these “lessons” I nearly missed.  In fact as I contemplated what I would share in my first posting after Europe, it didn’t even occur to me to look at my pre-travel thinking.  Now, reflecting back, I am struck by how often I thought the trip might not happen– despite the years of dreaming and  the months of planning. Up until the very end I would imagine an accident or illness, keeping us from going.  Perhaps the trip would be cut short by a delayed flight, lost luggage, or terrible weather… I thought I was being realistic in my faith– knowing that God is good but trying to keep open if His will was not for me on this trip.  People would ask if I was excited and of course I was, but I also remained pretty guarded, as though waiting for the other shoe to drop. See, somehow along the way, I came to believe I couldn’t really have the whole dream, that good things are always tarnished by the darkness of our world– but that tells you more about me than about our loving God!  It’s the voice of the enemy that brings doubt and fears; why are we so willing to agree with the idea that something will go wrong and our desires will go unmet?  The ABUNDANT life is also about living it without future tripping about what may or may not happen to disappoint us!  It’s about living in the moment with gratitude and yes, a certain joie de vivre!!


Expecting Again!

pregnancyTake a breath!!  I’M NOT PREGNANT. 🙂 There IS expectation for a new birth about to take place, however, as I’m coming out of a year+ transitional period of waiting on God to reveal what this next season of life will bring.  One of the beautiful aspects of growing older is the increasing ability to look back and celebrate the many little beginnings and endings we experience throughout our lifetime.  While losses are extremely painful at the time, they actually produce a fertile soil for a healthier new life to emerge. 

I’m grateful that this particular transition, while lengthy, didn’t take me into the desert place in my thinking.  Never did I feel alone, dry, or barren (purposeless).  I just knew I was waiting.  On the other hand, if we continue the pregnancy analogy, I also didn’t go through the early stages–neither the negative morning sickness, nor the joys of experiencing the internal “butterflies” of baby’s first movements.  Instead, I woke up today realizing I’ve  jumped right to the end– into the last trimester and FULL of hope!  To add to the anticipation, I can also see that there was nothing accidental about the timing.  Both of my sons were born in August; especially this year as each one reaches a significant milestone, all of the special memories of their births have come flooding back.  Doesn’t our Father think of everything? 🙂

Though two decades have passed since my sons were born, with fine detail I could describe the physical changes my body went through in the weeks before, and the emotional growth my husband and I both experienced with the expanded capacity to love these babies with an intensity we had never imagined.

Now as my ministry prepares once more to give birth to You Go Girl! Special Events for A Night of Hope-collageWomen, we find ourselves in labor pains of another sort as we eagerly look forward to the arrival.  Through the years God has patiently seen us through recovery and insecurities, set-backs and victories as He has S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D us beyond our comfort zones.  Now with a wonderful new Board of Directors, we are actively pursuing our calling through an exciting but challenging intellectual labor.  Let’s be real: it would be a very rare performer who also has gifts in writing, teaching, event planning, marketing, and fundraising!

Then there’s the spiritual warfare… When our mission is all about helping women connect with others in their own community, offering real hope and encouragement to get “unstuck” and to go boldly forward, is it any wonder the enemy would want us to fail?  Yes, the physical ailments, financial concerns, relational difficulties, and psychological stress coming against our team are further confirmation we are on the right track.  But make no mistake, we’re trusting in our Heavenly Father, and we will keep “pushing through the pain”.

No longer simply waiting for a sign but now expecting a new beginning, I’m really excited about the coming season… even if it means sleepless nights and possible mood swings :-).

Things I Didn’t Know When I Started This Blog…

laundry pileWere you expecting a “laundry list”? 🙂

To be honest, the things I still don’t know about blogging, or social media, or WordPress, or the internet at large are too numerous to count, and to some degree, remain a source of embarrassment.  While I’ve admitted to being a techno-dinosaur all along, I’m a reasonably intelligent woman and had hoped by now that more of it would be familiar and easier to manage, especially since I’m using the technology regularly.  In all of this, I also realize I owe a debt of gratitude to you who faithfully read this, and to the growing number of new followers who have somehow found me and graciously “liked” what I have to offer–despite my obvious ignorance in maneuvering about in the bloggers’-sphere. .I so look forward to learning from each of you!!

I think the biggest surprise for me however, has been in the nature of the content I’ve published.  A year and 1/2 ago when I decided to jump in to this vast global arena and attempt to be more intentional about developing my voice, I imagined I’d write little humorous anecdotes about life as a 40-something mom in the suburbs of Seattle– a salute to Erma Bombeck, if you will.   God had different plans, however.  So, instead of recounting a bunch of “random thoughts percolating in my mind” as my About page suggests, I’m drawn to write about the things I’m learning in my faith journey, and to encourage others through life’s difficult circumstances.  The stories of shopping carts with squeaky wheels, my son’s offbeat science experiments, or the increasing number of jiggly places on my body that come with age will simply have to wait. 🙂

Truly, I NEVER expected to reveal much of my personal challenges in such a public forum, and I certainly didn’t enter into this thinking I would be sharing so much about my relationship with God.  Silly me.  The thing is, in person, I get so excited when I’m talking to people, I can’t NOT talk about what I’m learning, or about how God loves us and has made each one of us uniquely for a special purpose.  I’m all about sharing what I see in others– their strengths and their talents, and their beauty. Why did I think this format would be any different?

I know talking about God so regularly can be a huge turn-off for people, and while I certainly hope not to offend anyone, I’m offering no apologies.  Clearly though, our Heavenly Father knew far more than I what kind of blog I would be writing when He inspired the appropriately named title, “Running to the Deep”.

There are so many things I still don’t know, of course, but I can say with all sincerity, I have been so blessed by this journey.  I look forward to growing, to sitting at the feet of the One who loves me anyway, and to sharing what I learn with everyone He puts in my path.  Oh, and I guess it’s time to update my About Page!!

Holy Week: part 2 (Blood)

crossOne of the creepiest concepts to me when I was exploring Christianity was all the talk (and all the songs) about the “Blood of the Lamb”.  Ewww!  Of course I had no problem watching movies about serial killers, or tv programs that showed autopsies and mangled corpses– but this death on the cross was too much.  (Our culture has trained us well, hmm?)

When we really look at the blood in context, however, we actually see more of this Great Love Story, and how all of this blood points to the heart of God.

When Adam and Eve made the choice to disobey God in the Garden of Eden, blood was shed for the first time.  Notice that God still loves His children, (He doesn’t slay them) but He clothes them in animal skins to cover their nakedness, and sends them away.  God’s standard was made clear from the beginning: The penalty for sin is death.

Animal sacrifices to appease the gods were common to nearly every culture in the ancient world.  The Jewish people also offered sacrifices to God for their sins.  Yet one death, one sacrifice was never enough.  Each year the ritual had to be repeated to atone for all of the wrongs committed in the previous year.  No matter how “good” a person could be,  there was no way to live a life free of sinful thoughts, behaviors, and resulting destruction.

In case you’re thinking God’s ways are cruel, history shows us human beings are much worse.  Hammurabi’s Code, generally recognized as the earliest form of written laws, seeks an eye for an eye, and a life for a life.  Today, even our entertainment shows how we have grown numb to senseless violence, and though our culture values “tolerance” as a cherished virtue, we still have a death penalty in the U.S.

From the ancient world to the present, blood is generally recognized as a life force.  When it’s donated at blood banks we are “giving life”, and when it’s poured out, it signals death.  However, our Heavenly Father who is Holy ( & can’t be around sin)  wants each of us to join Him for Eternal Life, and so He came up with a rescue plan!  Again, while we may think of it as weird, who are we to judge?  We’re not God; we didn’t create the universe.  I can tell you since I began walking with Him, I’ve been so grateful that He is the one in control and calling the shots!! 🙂

At what Christians call, “The Last Supper”, Jesus and His disciples were celebrating the Passover feast–commemorating when the Israelite slaves in Egypt were passed over by the angel of death, after they painted the blood of lambs over their doors.  Later Jesus would be arrested, tortured, and ultimately nailed to a cross.  Communion–the eating of bread (Christ’s body), and drinking from the cup (Christ’s blood)– is all about remembering the death WE deserve for our sin, and that Jesus paid the price for us with His life!

Now for me, reflecting on the crucifixion at Easter isn’t a gory exercise, nor is it about beating myself up about my failures.  Our Father knows we are forgetful, and has simply given us a powerful reminder that HE LOVES US THAT MUCH!!

Holy Week: part 1 (Sin)

crossWhile our culture (and many self-identified Christians, for that matter) are far more comfortable looking at Easter as a HOLIDAY with egg hunts and baskets of candy, we do ourselves a disservice when we don’t take the time to reflect on the HOLY- DAY.  Easter is, at its core, the powerful culmination of a great Love Story.  From a human perspective, the plot twists of this story are often totally bizarre, but God’s ways are not man’s ways, and God’s wisdom seems foolish to those who rely on worldly wisdom.

For my first 32 years of life I operated out of the wisdom of man. I was “self-sufficient”, reasonably “intelligent”, “well-educated”, and “successful”.  And so when I first started hearing that little 3-letter word Christians throw around so glibly, my hackles would raise up in defiance.  Sinner–who me? When I compared myself to others, I was a good citizen, a loyal wife, a loving mom, a solid friend, a dutiful daughter. I’d get on my soapbox against injustice, and give money to charities, believing in the hype of our culture about what it means to be a “good person”.

The thing is, without Jesus, none of us is truly good.  (Rom 3:10)  Time for a little heart check:  Can you honestly look at your thoughts, behaviors, and motives and then say that you don’t strive, bend the truth a little, gossip, or argue?  Have you never been bossy, arrogant, anxious, or selfish?  God is all about giving us free will and the choice to love and follow Him.  How often do we choose our own agenda instead? 

Eugene Petersen paraphrases Romans 1:28-30 this way in “The Message”–Since they didn’t bother to acknowledge God, God quit bothering them and let them run loose.  And then all hell broke loose: rampant evil, grabbing and grasping, vicious backstabbing.  They made life hell on earth with their envy, wanton killing, bickering, and cheating.  Look at them: mean-spirited, venomous, God-bashers, bullies, insufferable windbags!  They keep inventing new ways of wrecking lives.

wow…right?  And just in case you think being a Christ follower automatically gets you off the hook- there’s this reminder from Romans 2:1 (The Message)– Those people are on a dark spiral downward. But if you think that leaves you on the high ground where you can point your finger at others, think again.  Every time you criticize someone, you condemn yourself.  It takes one to know one.  Or as we say in my family, you smelt it, you dealt it. 🙂

The reality is, we ARE sinners, and it’s that very earthly, fleshly, fallen nature of ours that separates us from God.  But God, who created the universe, also planned for the moment you would be born, and lovingly placed you on this planet for such a time as this.  Existing outside of time, He knows the choices we’ll make, the sins we’ll commit, and STILL– not wanting any of us to remain separated from Him in eternal darkness, pain, and fear– our Heavenly Father has crafted a rescue plan!  (John 3:16) This is the Love Story that should far outshine some colored eggs and jelly beans!

TRUTH or DARE ~to live without it!

I’m working on writing a sketch to perform for an upcoming event and it has me thinking…  truth

To integrate with the speaker, the requested concept for the piece is about the lies that entangle us on any given day, and the hope/peace/joy/freedom we find when we can refute the lies and turn back to the TRUTH.  Although this one is basic for me within the framework of my personal faith journey, it’s difficult to write a sketch about TRUTH that doesn’t seem too cheesy.  I know how many people out there struggle with wavering doubts– that maybe TRUTH itself is relative, as the world would have us believe.  And let’s be honest here, the greatest philosophers through the ages have disagreed over this one; who am I to imagine I can share the spark that suddenly illuminates long-held views with a simple drama (or a brief blog) on the subject?

I don’t think I’ll ever forget how in teaching Milton’s “Areopagitica” each year, my high school speech coach would select a willing student seated somewhere in the middle of the class to stand on her desk representing Milton’s idea of Truth.  Then, seated around her, the rest of the students would recognize the same “Truth” could look very different dependent on the person’s perspective (again an explanation that Truth is a relative concept, not an absolute ).

The sad thing is, it is not only our educational systems, the media, and our government who profess the validity of various versions of Truth, but many churches and religious leaders are so invested in remaining a part of our PC culture, they’re afraid to stand firm and make waves. So what are we left with?  A watered down faith with no dependable foundation?   Think about it!  Isn’t “partially true” akin to being “sorta pregnant”?  TRUTH doesn’t grow, mix with falsehood, or give us something “nice” to hold on to. TRUTH Is.  Distortions and different points of view don’t come from the source of TRUTH but from the observer– broken humanity.  And without it, we’re like little demi-gods who run around thinking we’re all that until something happens to shake us to the core, leaving us completely lost, confused, and scared.  When we anchor our lives on work, or success, or people, or even tangible evidence/facts, at some point we will be challenged to the depths of our being!

This is the world of Pilate, the man depicted in scripture and portrayed in the film,  “The Passion of Christ”.   In the movie, a troubled Pilate asks his wife, Claudia about TRUTH and if there really is such a thing.  Touching his face gently she responds, “if you don’t hear it, I can’t tell you.”

This is the TRUTH I stake my life on every day– God is good and He is in control. He delights in me, and will not allow anything in my life that He can’t bring good out of it.

How about you?  With the absence of certain, absolute TRUTH, where do you anchor your life to withstand the storms?  Puts a whole new spin on”Truth or Dare” doesn’t it?